Is the stop smoking shot the right method for you? If you are one of the hundreds of thousands of smokers who have attempted to quit smoking with the numerous methods available today but still succumbed to the power of nicotine addiction, the answer may just be yes.

Without a doubt, the people who try to quit smoking for good fight a uphill battle against a very powerful enemy. The withdrawal symptoms of nicotine addiction are difficult to explain to non-smokers, many who think it’s easy to quit. The reality is nicotine is such an addictive substance to the human body that a person may be fully ready to quit mentally but the physical addiction will keep them tied to cigarettes like a chain.

Physicians and researchers developed the stop smoking shot primarily to alleviate the tenacious physical withdrawal symptoms that keep the majority of smokers from being able to quit. Medically backed and with results proven in the real world, the stop smoking shot is a real dream come true to smokers worldwide.

Are there people who should not get the injection? Of course. Pregnant women, people with heart problems, prostate problems, and those receiving treatment for mood disorders are generally poor candidates for the shot. When you speak to your doctor, they’ll be able to accurately tell you whether or not the shot is healthy for you.

There are, of course, side effects to the injection. These can consist of temporary dizziness, dry mouth, problems urinating, vision related issues, difficulty in eating, and short term mental confusion. If the injections are received too often, an overdose, a stroke or heart attack may occur. These side effects are rare, especially the stroke or heart attack. Again, your physician will be able to tell you whether or not these are likely risks for you. For the majority of smokers, they are not to be worried about.

What about cost of the stop smoking shot? Currently the stop smoking shot costs about $300 – $500, and is it is covered by some health insurance plans. In comparison, the quit smoking pill can set you back as much as $1100 for the full program of treatments. With the results the medical community has seen so far, the stop smoking shot has proven to be one of the most successful both in the lab and in the real world. It boasts a success rate of up to 85% in real world patients, soaring over nicotine patches, hypnosis, and other methods for quitting smoking for good. Living life as it should be your choice, but you must know for sure every action there is always a risk that you have to consider. If you really choose to be an active smoker, then become an elegant smoker. The smoke you produce is polluting your environment, so don’t use fuel any more harm. use usb lighter as your cigarette companion.

The real advantage is that it takes only an hour or less.

We must remember that every year more than five million people die of tobacco and nicotine related causes. Cigarette smoking remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The most tragic part is that most of these deaths are easily preventable. Despite these statistics, the reality is more and more people are starting to smoke everyday, and when the time comes that they realize they want to quit, they find that they can’t. This is why so many people are looking for stop smoking aids, be it patches, therapy, pills, or hypnosis.

If this sounds like you, maybe it’s time to try the stop smoking shot.