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How to make a deal: How to manage a startup

The founder of a small-business start-up might be the first person to recognize the potential for a job with a startup.

But, he or she might also be a seasoned business manager who has spent years in the industry before finding success with an online business.

That’s because small business administration (SBA) is a very different business management profession than that of a business.

SBA is a broad area of expertise for many businesses and a great way to learn the fundamentals of business management.

Learn how to create and run a successful business through this interactive guide to the SBA.

What you’ll learn: Learn how SBA programs work, what business managers are looking for in a SBA candidate, what roles a SBI can play and the best SBA careers for women and minorities.

You’ll also learn the best way to attract the best candidates for your business, including hiring strategies and how to manage the pressure of hiring.