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When is the International Business Administration?

International Business Association, the world’s largest trade union, is holding a seminar on Tuesday at London’s Imperial College to mark International Business Day.

The International Business Society (IBS), a trade union representing more than 60,000 business and financial institutions, will hold a separate event on the same day to mark the International Trade Day.

IBS will also hold a special session at the end of the week to celebrate the launch of the new trade union’s trade policy platform.

The IBS event will take place at the Royal Academy of Engineering on Tuesday afternoon and the event is expected to draw up to 200 delegates.

“This is a huge opportunity for us to bring together the trade unions and the business communities to mark our commitment to working together to fight for the global economy,” said IBS General Secretary, David McNally.

“We have a unique opportunity to take on the issues facing our country and the world and make our voices heard and get the most out of our trade union and business leaders.”

The trade union has called for the government to adopt a single UK-wide labour market standard, a universal minimum wage and a guarantee of living standards that are affordable for all workers.

The union has also called for an end to the austerity policies that have hit the country’s economy in recent years.

The Government said it would support trade unionism, but has not yet ruled out any further steps.

“The Government is committed to supporting trade union activities to bring about a fairer and more equitable world, and I am proud to support this process in the interests of our economy, society and the environment,” said David Gauke, Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

“IBS has been working with the government on the Trade Union and Industry Bill, which aims to bring clarity to the way trade unions organise and campaign, and which will be supported by the Government in the future.

I welcome the opportunity to celebrate International Business day and recognise the contribution that trade unions make to our economy.”