Lechabana is London Blog Former Michigan State Student Admits To Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Attack Students

Former Michigan State Student Admits To Using Fake Facebook Accounts To Attack Students

Former Michigan state student and one of the students involved in the alleged “hacked” Facebook account attack at Michigan State University said she was a victim of cyberbullying and other forms of social manipulation by a male student.

Kathleen McElroy, a sophomore from New Jersey, told the Daily News that she was one of a number of students who were targeted by the alleged student during the “hacking” campaign on campus on Nov. 15, 2016.

She said that when she went to see a counselor after the alleged hack, he told her to delete her Facebook account and that she should get back in touch with him if she wanted to “get on with life.”

The student allegedly used Facebook to harass her for weeks, and even went so far as to create a fake profile for her, which McElry said was not real.

The student reportedly said he was a member of the student government and that he had “done it before,” but McElray said he didn’t realize he was doing so at the time.

McElroy said that she had to cancel a trip to New Jersey for the holiday weekend because she was concerned for her safety and for her relationship with her boyfriend.

She also said that her relationship has been destroyed by the incident and that “it’s just devastating that it happened to me.”

McElroys boyfriend was allegedly threatened with physical violence and that McElroyds Facebook account was also hacked and used to attack him.

She was later diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and was prescribed antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication.

She also said she had been “subjected to bullying and harassment.”

In a statement to the Daily Beast, McElronys college dean said that McEllroy’s allegations are completely false and that the university has taken immediate steps to protect the safety of students and the college community.

McEllroy has since deleted her Facebook profile and said she has no idea where the story originated.

McLeary said that the alleged incident occurred during the spring semester of her senior year, and she had no prior contact with the student before she started the semester.

She added that the student was not the one who sent her an email with a threatening email.

McEls senior year had been scheduled to begin on Jan. 12.