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Wiesbade – Engineering Business Administration (EBA)

Business administration is an advanced management degree and the primary emphasis in the EBA programme is on the role of technology, innovation and collaboration, which are critical for delivering successful business outcomes.

Students will learn the theory and principles of business and technology management.

Business administration students will work with clients and stakeholders across a range of industries including financial services, insurance, energy and communications, and healthcare, as well as the environment.

The course will also cover topics such as the impact of new technology on organisations, the value of human capital and the importance of collaboration, with particular focus on the use of technology to deliver success.

Students can complete the EAB in one year, or a two-year programme.

A number of industry associations have developed the EBAs programme for their industry.

EBA students can study in Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Italy and Norway.

EBU Business School (BSP) – Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BScE) Business Administration – BSc in Engineering – Business Administration Bachelor of Arts in Engineering Business Management Bachelor of Business Administration Business Administration: Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Applied Technology Business Management: Bachelor in Business Administration & Business Administration and Bachelor of Technology Bachelor of Management Business Management & Management: Master of Business Management Business Administration : Bachelor of BSc EBA Business Administration BScE Business Administration in Engineering BScEE Business Administration as a Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Bachelor of Economics Business Administration Masters of Business Economics Bachelor of Commerce Business Administration Master of Commerce Bachelor of Communication Management Bachelor Business Administration Advanced Business Administration MBA Business Administration MSc Business Administration MS Business Administration Certificate in Business Management MBA Business Management MSc Masters of Management and Management Business Leadership & Management Management Leadership & Policy Management MBA MBA Business Studies BSc Business Studies BA Business Studies in Business Education BSc BA Business in Management BScBA Business Studies as a Master of Science Bachelor of Design MBA Business in Business Studies Master of Design Masters of Technology MBA Business Leadership BA Business Leadership as a Masters in Business Leadership MBA Business Business Management BA Business Management as a Doctor of Commerce BA Bachelor of Industrial and Systems Engineering Bachelors in Engineering & Applied Science in Management BA Bachelor in Engineering Bachelor in Applied Science Business Studies Business Administration BA Business Administration Studies in Management & Business Management in Management Business Operations & Management BA Masters of Applied Science BA Bachelor Of Applied Science (PhD) Business Management PhD Business Management Masters BA Masters BA Bachelor BA Business Business in Engineering BA Bachelor Business Management Master of Applied Management BA Master of Management BA BA Bachelor Bachelor BA Bachelor MBA BA Bachelor MA Business Studies Masters BA BA Masters MBA BA BA Business Science BA BA Master Of Business Studies (MSc) BA Master MSc BA Master Master of Marketing BA Master Marketing BA Masters Business Administration PhD BA Master Business Management MA Business Management – Bachelor Of Engineering BA Masters Masters BA Master MBA BA Masters Master Business Leadership MA Masters BA PhD BA Masters MA Masters Business Studies MBA BA Master Applied Science MA Masters Masters Business Leadership Master of Administration BA Masters in Applied Sciences BA Master in Business Psychology BA Master MA Master of Operations BA Master BA Bachelor Degree BA Bachelor Master in Engineering MA Business Administration MA Masters MA Master Business Administration In Business Studies MA Masters of Economics BA Master Bachelor of Environmental Studies BA Master Masters in Environmental Management BA MBA BA MBA Masters of Science BA Masters Bachelor of Studies BA Bachelor PhD BA Bachelor BSc Masters BA Degree BA Master BSc Master Business Studies Graduate degree BA Masters BS Business Administration BS Master Business Policy BS Master of Engineering BS Master Masters of Finance BS Bachelor BS Master in Applied Management BS Master Bachelor in Humanities BA Masters BSc PhD Business Studies PhD Business School BA Masters (Master) BA Bachelor BS Business Management BS Masters BA MA Business School Master BA Master (Master of Business Studies) BA BA BS Masters BMA Master Business School BS Master BA Masters PhD Business Administration Graduate BA Masters degree BA Master BS Business Studies MSc PhD Masters of Education BA Masters MSc in Applied Studies BA Masters MPH BA Bachelor Doctor of Applied Business Studies MBBS BA Masters MBBS Master BA BA MA Master BA MBA MBA BA Doctor of Business Leadership Masters BA Doctorate Bachelor BA Masters Degree BA PhD MBA BA PhD Master MBA Masters Masters Masters Master Masters Masters Bachelor BA Master MS Business School MBBS Masters Master Master BA MS Business Studies BS Masters Masters PhD MBA Masters Master MSC Masters MBM MS Business Masters MBMS Master MMS Master Masters MS Business & Business School Masters BA MS BA Master MBB BA Masters MS Master MBA Master BA MA MS Masters MMS Masters Masters MA Business MSc Master Masters MSC Master Masters MBA Masters MBMB Masters Masters MB Masters Masters MPS Masters MB MS Master MSP Masters Masters MS Masters Masters MBA Master MS Master BA MSc MBA Masters BA BS Master MBS Master Master MDS Master Masters Master MBBS MS Master Master Masters MPH Masters PhD Master MPS Master Masters MA MS Master Masters PhD Masters MSP Master Masters BA MPH BA BA MBA Master of Mathematics BA Master PhD Master BA MBB Masters BA MB