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Conestoga’s business administration certificate for 2017 issued

The Conestogas business administration certificates for 2017 have been issued by the Jerusalem Business Administration (JBA) and it has been established that they are valid.

A press release from the JBA reads, “The certificates have been established in compliance with the regulations set out in the Jerusalem Declaration, which stipulates that the certificates are issued on a case-by-case basis, subject to the requirements of relevant legislation and administrative guidance.”

According to the Jba, the certificates for this year’s year have already been issued to the following entities:Al-Shabab, Amman Business Center, Aramco, Arab Business, Bank of Israel, Business Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, B’Tselem, Burj Al Arab, Capital Economics, Deutsche Bank, Efrat Industries, GFI International, Hapoalim Bank, Jaffa Media Group, Kerem Al-Yahya, Israel Business, JDF, Knesset Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs and Trade, Jordan Petroleum and Oil Company, Kavli, Kibbutz Shalom, KSS Al-Safa, Kuwait Investment Corporation, National Bank of Kuwait, National Union of the Red Crescent and Red Crescent Societies, National Zionist Bank, Palestinian Authority, Qatar Petroleum, Red Crescent, Red Sea International, Salar de Uyuni, State Bank of Jordan, State of Israel Corporation, State University of New York, Tulkarem University, Urum al-Khalil, Umm al-Fahmi, United Arab Republic of Egypt, University of Abu Dhabi, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, University College London, United Nations Development Programme, Uyghur Muslim Association of Egypt.

Read the full press release here