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CAA hires new CEO as CEO ranks down

Business leaders from around the country gathered in Las Vegas Thursday for the annual CAA Executive Leadership Summit, a chance for top executives to get together for a daylong summit with top executives and CEOs. 

CAA, the largest publicly traded global investment bank, is also expected to announce a new CEO later Thursday.CAA is moving toward a more open-door culture as it seeks to recruit a number of more diverse executives, according to people familiar with the hiring. 

The CAA executive leadership summit will be held at the Wynn Hotel in Las of Thursday.

It will be the first time CAA has hosted the event, which began in 2018. 

One of the top targets for CAA was Dan Voskuhl, the CEO of Cogent Health, who has been a fixture at CAA conferences since taking over the reins.

Voskyhl will now lead CAA’s global business and operations.

Cody Wilson, the president and CEO of the consulting firm McKinsey & Company, was also a target of the summit, but has not yet been confirmed as the next CEO.

Wilson was also considered for CBA CEO, and the company did not say when he might be confirmed. 

Among those who have been announced for CAB CEO positions are Peter Besser, the former COO of Google, and Andrew Zolka, the chief marketing officer at Facebook. 

In addition to the executives, CAA also is looking for the best people to help manage its global operations, according a person familiar with its hiring.

The firm has hired several top talent from the private equity world, including the former CEO of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. 

It is also hiring an executive director for the Americas, and is in talks with an executive for the European markets. 

“It’s going to be a great year,” said one person familiar at the summit.

“It’s not going to just be one of those years where the top people are going to come up and say, ‘This is where we’re going,’ but we’ll be able to tell the company, ‘Look, we’re doing a lot better than this, we have a lot more resources than this.

We’ve got a lot of people here with experience who know how to manage the business.'”

The summit will feature the annual dinner with CEOs, including CEOs of the world’s largest private equity firms, and other executives from the industry, according the person familiar.

The conference will also be attended by CAA board members, including CAA chair Robert N. Shiller, the legendary investment manager who is one of the wealthiest men in the world. 

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