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Business administration exam: VSE exams are getting tougher

Business administration exams are becoming more difficult, with the VSE business administration exams being the most popular, according to a new survey.

The study, conducted by research firm KPMG and conducted between October 23 and December 14, found that in a survey of over 1,500 VSE exam-takers, 76 percent of respondents reported having to pass an exam in order to get their certificates, while only 19 percent said they had no trouble passing the VEE exams.

That said, the study found that the VSEA business administration is more difficult than the VCE, VSE, and VSEE, with 70 percent of exam-taker stating that the test is “not at all difficult.”

That said,…

Business Administration exams, in general, are becoming increasingly complex.

In the past, examiners were not required to write any detailed answers on the exam.

Now, they are required to submit a test-taker’s own answer, and this new survey suggests that some examiners are taking the time to write answers that are a little more specific.

While this is encouraging, KPMg said that the study does not necessarily mean that examiners should abandon their exam-taking strategies.

Rather, KAML and VCE exams may prove to be more difficult in the long run, the report said.

“These findings highlight the need for examiners to develop and develop better exam-prep strategies, as examiners often are unaware of the requirements and exam-preparation strategies they should follow,” said Matthew M. Stangreich, director of research and consulting at KPM GmbH.

“The results also show that exam-management strategies are more important than ever, as we are increasingly faced with complex and challenging questions in the future.”

The study surveyed more than 1,000 VSE and VSEA exam-goers in addition to the approximately 1,400 who completed the online survey.

Overall, more than 80 percent of the survey respondents said that they have taken at least one exam in the past year.

Only 10 percent said that their current exams were difficult.

The KPM Group also conducted a similar study in 2019.

The results were released Monday by the Center for Business and Economic Research at George Mason University.