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Business administration: Business Administration to have no gender-specific requirements

The Australian Government is planning to eliminate gender-neutral business administration requirements for employers to hire and train women and to allow all employers to apply for a “qualified” woman.

Key points:The Government will roll out a “fair and equal” system for hiring and training womenThe Government is committed to “making sure women get equal opportunities to be in and operate businesses”The Federal Government will not apply gender-based discrimination in hiring or training in businessThe Federal government will introduce a gender-free hiring process for all Australian businesses, including those owned by businesses with fewer than 50 employees, starting with the introduction of the new Fair Work Act in 2019.

“The Fair Work Bill has made significant progress in delivering equal pay for women in the workplace, but we are still committed to making sure women are given equal opportunities in the workforce,” Labor’s Industry Minister Anna Burke said.

“This is a key priority for the Government, and we will deliver the changes in the Fair Work Amendment Bill this year.”

Ms Burke said the new legislation would include “new protections for the most vulnerable women in Australian business, including the right to access paid time off and paid leave, the right for employers and employees to be compensated for any missed work time, and the right of women to be paid for equal work, including in senior roles and in senior management roles”.

“We are also committed to ensuring that all Australian women are able to access equal pay and a fair deal, and ensuring women have the opportunity to work in a way that respects their ability, rather than an expectation of gender-related behaviour,” she said.

In 2019, the Government will also introduce a “business-friendly” approach to workplace policies and procedures, with a new “business friendly” policy in place for all business premises, which will apply to all businesses.

“In 2019 the Government is working on a comprehensive package of changes to ensure we have a strong and fair workplace, and that women are treated equally, regardless of their gender,” Ms Burke said in a statement.

Ms Burke also announced that the Government would roll out the Fairness in Employment Act 2018.

“As well as reducing the impact of discrimination, the Fair Employment Act will make sure women have equal opportunities, and are afforded the same rights and opportunities, as men,” she added.

The Fairness In Employment Act, which is expected to be introduced later this year, will introduce gender-sensitive workplace policies for businesses.

It will require employers to allow women to perform their jobs, and for employees to report discrimination in all settings.

“Women are often the most disadvantaged in our workplace and the new law will help ensure that all Australians can have access to the opportunities that make up a successful Australian workplace,” Ms Burke said.

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