Lechabana is London Business & Finance Why the IT department at Algonquin College is hiring – but is it worth it?

Why the IT department at Algonquin College is hiring – but is it worth it?

Algonquins chief executive officer, Dr Ian Smith, said the move to hire an IT specialist was the right thing to do.

“It’s a good time to be in the IT space and to be able to focus on the job at hand,” he said.

“I think we are getting there in terms of having a specialist who will be able work closely with us on all aspects of our business.”

We are very much focused on business operations, and that’s why we are doing this.

“Algonquin has recently undergone a change in management.

In February, it announced that Dr Smith had been relieved of his position and replaced by former chief executive Mark Cockerill.

Dr Smith said it was difficult to pinpoint why Dr Smith was being replaced but that he would be taking on the role for the next two years.”

What’s great about Algonqins is that Mark Cockill is a very bright man, who is very supportive of our strategy,” he told the ABC.”

And that’s what we want to be.

“We want to grow and we want Algonqs people to be part of that growth and it’s a big opportunity for him to get a better grasp on the business.”

Alginquins IT specialist, Algon Quarles, said it would be a great experience to work alongside Mr Cockerills vision for the school.

“When we’re not there to answer questions, we are there to be helpful and give advice,” Mr Quarances said.

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