Lechabana is London Advertise Here A report from the International Business Times: The world is waiting for a new president to be elected

A report from the International Business Times: The world is waiting for a new president to be elected

The world has been waiting for Trump to win the presidency.

But he is not in the race.

In fact, he is in a virtual tie with Hillary Clinton, who is polling at 42 percent to Trump’s 39 percent.

So what does the new president of the United States think about the state of the world?

Here are some of the answers.

*TRUMP SAYS WE NEED A NEW PRESIDENT* “We need a new leader who has the temperament and the will to lead.”

“We have lost our way and we need a leader who will fix it.”

“Our country is in disarray and we are the only country that can fix it and turn it around.”

*Trump: The US is in ‘disarray,’ ‘we need a Leader’ and ‘We need the new leader in the White House’ article The new president says he will not go to war with North Korea, but he says we need “a leader” to lead.

He has yet to make clear how he will handle the war in Afghanistan.

*Trump says ‘there is no such thing as winning’ in Afghanistan: “We’re not winning anymore”* “There is no country that doesn’t want to win.

We want to have a leader that can win.

So we’re going to have to get some leaders in the world.”

*TRUMP: ‘We can’t have a military conflict with North Koreans’* “It’s going to be very hard to have an actual war with them.

We’re not going to get to a point where we can actually get to that point.”

* Trump says ‘it is going to happen soon’ but ‘we’re not there yet’ * “We are not there and we’re not ready.”

Trump says he is “not ready” yet to announce a military strike against North Korea.

* Trump: ‘It’s not going be easy’ to strike North Korea: “It will be difficult”* He says the US will not take “all the risks.”

*”I don’t know how to get through to Kim Jong Un.

I don’t think he has a lot of patience.”

* “I would have no patience with Kim Jong-un.

I would not do it.”

Trump on his meeting with Kim: “I didn’t meet him.

I didn’t even know who he was.

I just met him, and we had a very short meeting.”

* *Trump is ‘not ready’ to ‘make a decision’ on military action against North Korean leader: “The whole world is watching.

We are not ready to make a decision.”

* TRUMP: “A decision will be made soon.”

Trump tells the press that “it is not going ‘to be easy.'”

*Trump and Kim, at the G20 Summit: “This is an absolute waste of time.”

**Trump on the G-20 summit: “They’re trying to have their cake and eat it.”

*G-20: “Who are we to make that decision?

Why are we having this?”

*”We have a very big problem with North Korean.

It is very bad.”

Trump said the G 20 summit is “a waste of our time” and “a very bad decision.”

The US has conducted five nuclear tests since the Korean War, two of them nuclear.

Trump said he was not sure “if there’s a way to solve it.

I’m not sure it’s going be possible to solve the problem.”

The North Korean government is not pleased with Trump’s comments.


I haven’t been caught.

I’ve never been caught.”

Trump continues to deny any involvement in the assassination of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

*”The world has forgotten what happened to us, and what we did to them.

So many people were killed.”

*In an interview with NBC News, Trump says, “They are very good people.

They are very well-respected.”

*Asked if he would commit to using US troops in Afghanistan, Trump replied, “I’d rather not.”

*After Trump met with the president of Afghanistan, the White Trump said, “We’ll see.”

*WHITE TRUMP: We have to see what the situation is.

We’ll see what happens.

We have no choice.

We don’t have any choice.

Trump told reporters that he is prepared to commit US troops to Afghanistan if the situation calls for it.

**TRENDING: Who will be the next leader of the free world?

*Trump’s press conference was his first since his inauguration, but the president said he does not want to leave the White Palace for any time.

The president said “I’ll be back.”

He did not say what he plans to do on Afghanistan.

Trump’s visit was widely condemned by the US diplomatic community.