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Why the Coalition needs to be more transparent about the impact of climate change on Australia’s economy

Posted December 16, 2019 05:12:20 The Coalition needs an independent audit of its climate change policy.

Its failure to deliver is costing Australian jobs, businesses and consumers.

The report released by the Australian Industry Group on Friday revealed that Australia’s carbon emissions are still rising at a rate that is “well above” the internationally agreed targets.

The findings are likely to be welcomed by the Greens who have been urging the Government to publish its carbon emissions targets by 2025.

However, the report also found that the Government’s “business-as-usual” policies will leave Australia with more carbon pollution than it can safely manage.

The Government has already released its carbon pollution target for 2020.

The Coalition’s carbon pollution targets will not meet Australia’s 2020 targets.

The Government’s carbon emission reduction targets will also be inadequate to meet the 2030 targets set by the Paris climate agreement.

The audit also revealed that the Coalition has not made “the kind of investment” in the Australian economy that would help Australia meet its 2030 targets.

A number of areas of government have not made the same investment in clean energy that is needed to meet its emissions targets, the audit found.

It found that a large number of climate policies and regulations, such as carbon pricing, have not been adequately funded by the Government.

The Climate Policy and Research Centre at the University of Queensland, the Climate Change Authority, the National Institute of Public Health and the Australian Climate Science Centre are all required to report on how they spend their time, money and resources.

The study found that more than 50 per cent of the Government and the private sector had not yet published a plan for how they will spend their own money.

It also found the Government has failed to identify or address the role of carbon pollution in economic outcomes, including employment, GDP growth, employment and carbon pollution.

“The Government should be undertaking a detailed assessment of the effectiveness of its carbon policies and measures and make an investment plan that reflects the impacts of climate on the Australian jobs and economic performance,” the report said.

“To achieve this, the Government must take a strong position on climate policy and make sure the public’s confidence in its policies and the policies and programmes are not undermined.”

A spokeswoman for the Greens said the party was “disappointed” that the Auditor-General had not been able to fully investigate the Government climate policies.

“While the Auditor is a member of the government’s Climate Commission, it is not the Auditor’s place to make policy recommendations for the Government,” she said.

Labor has called on the Government not to continue with the Abbott Government’s climate policies as the Labor Party is opposed to carbon pollution and believes the Government should act more responsibly.

“This Government has shown itself to be out of touch on climate change, they are ignoring the warnings of climate scientists and they are not being transparent about how they plan to meet their carbon pollution reduction targets,” Labor Leader Bill Shorten said.

“They have made the kind of policy and economic decisions that have left our economy struggling and our cities in ruins.”