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As we compare and study various hosting options for your website, we will realize the fact that there are different types of hosting options that includes VPS, Hybrid servers, cloud, and dedicated servers. One of the best and safest hosting options from the list is dedicated servers and most of the serious businesses across the world use this type of server.

Technically speaking, a dedicated server is an enterprise-grade physical server that issued for the internet hosting of applications and services of a single web hosting client. Such type of servers is mainly used for the hosting of websites that have a huge amount of traffic, web applications and other hosting scenarios, where we give more importance for performance.

If we want to explain that a dedicated server is, we must start by doing a comparison and study about other types of web hosting services. If we do basic research, we can come across the common infrastructure hosting options which include VPS hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting. Ultimately there are 4 major types of hosting options that are available across the world.

One of the major features that make a dedicated server Hosting different from others is the single-tenant hosting environment that it offers. Most other server options divide the server for different users. One of the best examples for the shared hosting is the cloud hosting platforms, which divides the resources of a single physical server into various virtual machines. The shared hosting servers are also known as multi-tenant hosting environments and one of the major drawbacks of this hosting is that it does not provide the full resources and performance when compared with a dedicated server.

If you are using a dedicated server hosting, then you will be able to get access to all the resources and performance that it has at your disposal. And this is the major reason why the dedicated servers are the most powerful hosting option available on the internet. They are indeed the most powerful infrastructure hosting option and no other hosting types can give you such power and flexibility.

Dedicated Server Hardware: To say more elaborately, a dedicated server is very much a computer like the desktop machines that we usually see at our workplace or at home. Each dedicated server contains memory, processors, network hardware, storage, and buses that connect the components together inside the server.

But the dedicated servers do not have the same appearance as that of an ordinary computer and the components are also very much different. The general or common computers have consumer-grade components, but the dedicated server will be having various enterprise-grade hardware, which is very much reliable, powerful and less prone to failure.

Dedicated Server or Bare Metal Server: Before we move ahead, we need to clear up some confusion that exists in the naming. Since we are doing research on what the dedicated server Hosting are, you are certain to come across the phrase “bare-metal server”. Actually, the bare metal server is indeed the same thing as a dedicated server and there is only the difference in branding, rather than the product.

The Bare metal tells that the user is close to the metal, which is physical hardware when compared with a cloud server. It also includes a hypervisor layer that can remove the user from the bare metal. At the same time, the dedicated server also has the same meaning as that of the bare metal, and hence you can consider both of them to be identical.

Dedicated Server RAM: The Enterprise-grade servers generally users ECC (Error Correcting Code) RAM, and this type of RAM is very much more expensive than the normal RAM that is used in our home computers or laptop. The ECC RAM contains various special hardware, which will help in preventing most of the common causes, that lead to data corruption. The corruption might happen for various reasons such as electrical breakdowns to cosmic rays and the ECC RAM is well equipped of detecting such things and correcting things when an error occurs.

The ability to do error correction is something that makes the dedicated servers more reliable when compared with other hosting options. This becomes more important when we consider business-critical applications and reliability matters. Dedicated servers have the ability to run throughout the day for years and that too without any hiccups, and this is mainly because they are developed using top quality components. They are also able to accommodate larger memory than an average PC or laptop. Most of the dedicated servers are equipped with at least a memory of 512 GB.